Lumières basses ou orageuses, le noir tombe sur la couleur, les ténèbres sur l’étendue ; toute sève a été absorbée, sucée, vidée, et ce qui se donne à voir, en transparence fragile et mémorielle, image rescapée, c’est la respiration hallucinée du monde avant l’inénarrable asphyxie.

Low or stormy lights, black falls on color, darkness on expanse; all the sap has been absorbed, sucked, emptied, and what can be seen, in fragile and memorable transparency, rescued image, is the hallucinatory breathing of the world before the inexhaustible asphyxiation.

Sylvie Camet. Directrice de la Maison des sciences de l’homme-université de Lorraine. Auteur de « La submersion qui vient » . 2019 Ed. Vagmundo


Well, what is the relationship between sculptures and photography ? You may ask ..

I started as a painter a « couple of years  » ago…

Painting growing or dying flowers, one painting a day, every day, making some long series depending on the time flowers needed to grow or to die !

After a long break – I was in need to run money, doing reasonable things such as creative director, interior or glass designer or communication agency CEO.

Meanwhile, I discovered digital photography making pictures for industrial R&D…

The leaves in the photos became masks of leaves… re-introducing life.

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